Getting Emotional

Getting Emotional

Nov 29

This past Sunday at Lifecentre, we kicked off our Christmas sermon series, Journey of the Heart.  Throughout this series, we will be looking at how we can respond to the gift of Jesus this Christmas, with a bit of a Canadian twist, eh?  Because it’s a Journey of the Heart, we’ll be looking at the responses of three different types of heats, Busy, Intellectual and Emotional.

Why do I bring this all up, you may ask?  Well, as those who saw this past Sunday’s sermon know, I am exercising my creative side and participating in a dramatic role during the series.  Specifically, I will be helping bring forth the Emotional heart.  There are some, myself included, who find no small amount of irony in that.

I don’t want to say too much and spoil the surprise, but the topic I was asked to present is certainly an emotional one, and one that I have some familiarity with.  The irony is that those who asked me to do this had no idea of my “expertise” in this area.  But suffice it to say that I had little difficulty writing the material.  Delivering it without collapsing into a blubbering mess will be the trick.

Anyway, it will be an interesting experience.  I only appear in front of the audience occasionally, so this will be fun.  And I think I have blended an emotional topic with sufficient wit and humour that most will enjoy.  For more details on what’s coming up, check out the Journey of the Heart page linked above, or listen to the service at Church On Demand.  See you on December 18th… bring Kleenex!


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  1. Adrian

    But what if we want to see you a blubbering mess?! I am sure it will be heart felt, touching and funny all at the same time. Looking forward to it!