Isaac Day

Isaac Day

Jul 15

Today is the day that our second child was scheduled to be born. We do not wish to live in the past, but today we pause for a moment to remember.

Bean Ultrasound 2B

Our dear second child. We had planned to meet you around this time of year. We thought from how well you smiled for the ultrasound cameras and showed your strong, beating heart that you understood this plan. But, I guess that womb-side connectivity was a bit limited and focused more on food transfer than cable TV or Internet, so I can understand if you got things a little confused. And I guess when you have a limited reference point and are living in a nice climate-controlled environment, it’s easy to get February and July mixed up.

But lo and behold, it seems you decided you wanted to get out and see us much sooner, before you were quite ready to face the world on your own. Perhaps you got too much of a dose of the impatience that seems to run in this family. Perhaps you just wanted to see the world. Whatever the case, you came. We didn’t get to spend too much time together, since you had already moved on by the time we met you.

We have grieved and mourned for you, our little Isaac Zane, but today we celebrate you and the short time we had with you. We gave you a name because you were so much more than the “Product of Conception” that the medical forms labelled you – you were fearfully and wonderfully made! Even though your tiny body wasn’t yet ready for life on its own, it was being put together with skill and precision.

We called you Isaac for the joy and the laughter that your announcement brought. We called you Zane because you were given to us by God for a short time. And today, we thank God that He is taking care of you.

We look forward to seeing you again someday, Isaac Zane. Until then, rest in God’s arms and we will remember you in our hearts.

Tiny Footprints