A “Bazinga” Moment

A “Bazinga” Moment

Jan 19

It has been a while since our last update on the adoption process, so here’s something to get you caught up. We decided to pursue a private adoption process, which meant lots of time over the summer and fall having discussions with our social worker, attending a mandatory parenting resource course, forms, police checks, fingerprint clearances, more forms, panicking about the house, a few more forms, doing a home safety inspection, our “autobiographies”, oh… more forms??? Yep. (Well, you get the picture.)

We were *this* close (you can hold your thumb and index finger about 1 cm apart as you read this if you wish) to finishing off this last bit of paperwork that would allow our social worker to prepare the report that would be sent to the Ontario ministry responsible for adoptions that would recommend (we hoped) us for adoption. And then it happened. A “Bazinga” moment, if you will.

I highly doubt God takes pleasure in our bumbling through life at times, but I often wonder if He looks at us and our best-laid plans and does a facepalm from time to time. Much like when I see my own son doing something that I know is counter productive, does our Heavenly Father look at our attempts to plan and say, “That’s a nice plan you’ve got going on there… glad you’re showing some initiative, but you really should leave the planning bit to Me. Now check this out!”

Anyway, back to the moment when we had our plans realigned. It was an early, dark morning late in November when some lines on a stick heralded a delay in our adoption plans while we wait to welcome a new son or daughter into our lives this coming summer via a method that involves far less forms and ministry approvals than adoption. That’s right, Jen is pregnant!

I’ll wait here for the gasps, tears and other excited, bewildered and confused expressions you need to get out.

There. Feeling better? Great!

So we’ve had our moments with this pregnancy, and prayers are appreciated for Jen and the baby. We’re certainly excited and looking forward to lots more late nights, early mornings and going through the whole process of bringing a wee one into the world again. If all goes as expected, we’ll get to meet this one sometime in July. (Now the royalty-obsessed among you will note there is someone else also expecting a baby in July, and we certainly wish Kate all the best. We waited a bit to spring this news so as not to steal some of her limelight, but we all know which baby’s progress everyone will actually be interested in!)

Now, what does that mean for our adoption process? It certainly must be put on hold for now, while we go through the pregnancy and adjust to having two wonderful children around. Will we take it off the shelf later on? Perhaps. A lot of what we’ve done can still be of use to us later, so all is not lost by any stretch and the parenting course gave us some valuable tools we were able to use from day one. Some things we will need to re-do, but hopefully we’ll be able to pick up mostly from where we were.

But for now, we’re just going to enjoy this other process. Okay, maybe I’ll do more of the enjoying at the moment… Jen’s got a little bit more to deal with than I do right now. And we’re both still hearing God’s voice echoing in our heads… “Bazinga!

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”
Proverbs 16 :9 (NLT)


(Photo Credit: Meg Andrews Photography)


  1. Heather

    WOW…. WOW… WOW…congrats to two wonderful parents and a young boy who will make an excellent big brother…Does this mean I see a FLEX in your future hahahah

    Will be praying for all 4 of you 🙂

    • Nat

      Thanks for the prayers! I don’t anticipate a Flex in the future… our Mazda has more than enough room for what we need.