Trusting God

Trusting God

Feb 08

A few weeks back, our church did a series on trusting God, which finished with a message on trusting God even when you don’t understand what’s going on. Little did I know that within a few weeks, we’d have two opportunities to experience real life object lessons on this subject.

It started last Thursday at work, with a situation that still has me scratching my head. I won’t elaborate as this is still an unresolved issue, but I have had a week’s time to come to terms with trusting God in this weird issue. At this point, however, it almost seems inconsequential.

The second opportunity landed itself on our proverbial doorstep today. When doing a routine baby checkup yesterday, Jen noted some concerns she was having and it was enough that the doctor asked her to get in for an ultrasound as soon as possible. So this morning before 7:00am we were joined in the mess of traffic heading west on the highway through the snow instead of just starting the morning routine like we would have been on a typical morning. We dragged Aidan along with us since we expected to be in and out and we’d drop him off at school when we were done, probably early for school.

So we did the ultrasound, which was at the Montfort. It was one of the first places that could slot us in and happens to be where Jen’s doctor does some work as well. Shortly after the ultrasound was finished, the technician asked us to go upstairs to the Obstetrics clinic. They were still waiting for the person to get in to interpret the results, but wanted to wait up there “for a few minutes.” After spending almost 2 hours in a literal waiting room, the results finally come up and we get directed to an exam room.

Inside, with Aidan still in tow, we are informed by a resident and then a doctor that the conditions for the life growing inside Jen have gotten rather complicated. The swimming pool that it is supposed to spend its time in while it develops doesn’t have enough fluid in it. That’s making it rather difficult for it to do laps and stretch itself out. There’s concerns as to why this is, as well as the effects of this issue. There are even some carefully veiled remarks about the viability of the pregnancy. Thankfully, at this point, they are most interested in carefully observing this baby’s growth and environment over the next few weeks before making any strong diagnoses or recommendations.

As you can imagine, this has made things a bit more trying today. On a brighter note, we were rather busy with all this and by the time we finally did drop Aidan off at school, a couple hours late, we had not yet heard or realized that school buses were cancelled today! So, hopefully, Aidan is enjoying a quieter day at school and maybe even getting to play Angry Birds on their class smartboard.

As always, prayers are appreciated. We still have confidence that God can correct whatever is wrong and this baby can be born healthy in July when it is fully formed. I have detailed this so you are able to pray more specifically for the situation. I will post updates as appropriate when we know more. Supportive words can also be left on Jen’s Facebook page if you’re on that. I know she will appreciate it.

Trusting God…

~ Nat and Jen.


  1. Heather

    Hey Nat

    Wow what a difference a day makes. We will be praying for you and your family in regards to both issues.

    The Riding Family

    • Nat

      Thanks, Heather. We hope to have a good report to celebrate soon!

  2. Adrian

    You are not the only one scratching your head about work. But in light of your recent trip to the Montfort, work doesn’t seem all that important anymore.

    • Nat

      No, Adrian, the work thing doesn’t seem near as significant now. In fact, I may need to take a few days off. Oh, wait…

  3. Denise Tropper

    When I was pregnant with Kaitlin, 20 years ago now, I started bleeding heavily in the 14th week. U/S showed a large blood clot under the placenta. The placenta was slowly detaching from the uterus. Although the baby was alive and active, my doctor informed me that I would likely suffer a miscarriage in the next couple of weeks. I had to really trust God on this as I had already gone through 8 years for infertility and heartache. Kaitlin is 20 now and in 2nd year university. God is faithful! I’m united with you in prayer and believe in total healing and a healthy pregnancy.

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Denise. God has chosen a different direction for our little life, however.